23 Apr 2019
April 23, 2019

The AV Birch engineering offering…

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Manufacturers need complex machinery to meet customer orders on time and on budget. When requirements change it helps to have flexible partners that provide a range of services. That’s exactly what AV Birch’s specialist divisions offer.  

Building trusted B2B partnerships gives businesses a competitive edge. AV Birch has developed its services and manufacturing capabilities over forty-plus years. We’re now in a position to support organisations every step of the way, from design concept to completed and installed machinery that’s built to last.

Whether it’s timber engineering machinery to boost production and factory efficiency, cutting-edge automation projects, heavy duty cranes to keep personnel safe, or access and gantry equipment to make working life around transport depots safer and easier for all – we can cover it.

Open door policy

Before any project begins it’s great to showcase what you can offer. It’s easy for customers to browse online, look at fancy pictures and read bold claims made on social media. We like customers to see exactly what we can deliver for them.

That’s why our offices and workshops always welcome visitors – if you don the right PPE, of course! Once inside it’s obvious that everyone at AV Birch is passionate about what we do.

There are customer projects on the go, new ideas being tested and built, and machinery enjoying a service – all under one of our many roofs.

Elsewhere the design teams are hard at it bringing sketches and rough ideas to life. There’s a welcome extended to all customers, no matter what they need from our divisions.

Let the designers loose!

In these digital days anything is possible. Our CAD team turns nice-to-haves into reality, ensuring that every bolt fits, the mechanisms are compatible and the parts will load onto a wagon.

They’re hardly a wild bunch, but we like to let the in-house design team express themselves. Machines that drill, clamp, press and roll, access stairways and service platforms that enable people to work in hazardous environments, it all has to be designed and specified to the millimetre.

That’s not overkill; it’s good practice. We show customers the results so they can visualise their projects. They have faith in what we do and the fabrication journey continues.

Automated manufacturing solutions

The first industrial revolution in the early 1800s changed the manufacturing landscape forever. Since then, entrepreneurs and production managers have sought new ways to achieve efficiencies.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to automation. Skilled people who have worked in busy production environments and understand the pressure to improve and innovate.

Whether it’s electric circuits, conveyors, robotics or artificial intelligence and bespoke software, our automation division is on hand to supercharge projects with the latest technology.

Time-served fabricators

The idea has been fleshed out, the CAD team has made sure the concept works in the virtual world and the automation team has given your project the technical wizardry – now it’s time to build.

We never sub-contract the physical build to anyone else. AV Birch has multiple workshops onsite in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Steel work, cutting, welding, fixings and final paint coats all get done by our craftsmen and women.

If your facility need lifting and handling equipment, or maybe hydraulics to support your activities, we have the people in place to offer expert advice.

We also embrace the apprenticeship path, so young fabricators develop with our business to build the skills and experience needed to tackle any project now and in the future.

Test and field engineers

We don’t just design and build, we test, install and offer ongoing support with all our machinery. We’ll even offer maintenance packages to cover customers’ existing equipment. If it helps businesses keep operating – we’ll do it.

All AV Birch machinery goes through stringent test programmes. We’re always developing, improving and pushing boundaries, and those upgrades and enhancements are offered to all our valued customers as we release them.

The complete package

What AV Birch Engineering offers its customers is the complete, end-to-end service. It’s the complete engineering package. Experienced personal at every stage of the process to delivery the equipment and machinery your business needs.

Ready to take that idea to the next level? Get in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat.

Call us on 01746 714418 or email enq@avbirchengineering.co.uk to start the ball rolling…